NEWS: Watch Jinxie at his show debut at 51/2 months old showed like a rock star. Took puppy herding group 3 first day and group 2 the 2nd day... What an awesome show dog hes turning out to be.See hopefuls page to watch a few videos.

Alert : Breeders/Puppy Buyers beware.... I have recently received some information regarding a known Collie breeder in the area. I have also recently learned that this breeder is a CCA member and It has come to my attention that He/She is practicing unprofessional breeding habits and is violating the CCA code of ethics . I would strongly suggest disassociating yourself / kennel with this person, further I would NOT recommend sending potential puppy buyers to this breeder.. I have also learned that this particular breeder does alot of business with another unprofessional breeder/kennel. If you would like more information on this matter please feel free to contact me through the email provided on this website.
                 Welcome to Bluwave Collies
                                         AKC Breeder Of Merit
Bluwave Collies is located in the Northwest Hills of Connecticut in the beautiful and historic Litchfield County. We have been breeding and showing AKC registered Rough and Smooth collies for just over 10 years and breeding just over 5 years.We are proud to be recognized by the AKC as a Breeder of Merit. We strive for the perfect Collie wether it be a faithful family companion or top winning show dog. While our primary focus is on the smooth coat variety Collie also known as the "Wash and Wear" Collie, Of course we will never be without our glorious rough Collies either, which means we also have Rough Collies available from time to time as well. We breed for health,Temperament and quality of both Rough and Smooth Collies. We welcome Visitors to our home to meet our dogs by appointment only. To learn more about Bluwave Collies and our philosophies click on the About us tab in the menu. Please take a look around and get to know our dogs. We gladly welcome any questions you may have about our Collies or the breed in general.So, feel free to contact us at the email provided below..      
Jennifer Zappone


Bluwave Collies Welcomes our newest addition! Nope not a Collie this time but a beautiful Chestnut Pure Polish Arabian Mare 
by the name of "Annie" .. I am thrilled to have this sweet girl. I have wanted a horse for almost 40 yrs and now have one. Please
go to Annie's page to read her story of how she became mine or rather I became hers.

What is a breeder of merit? Click here and read about all it.



Important News:
Under New USDA/APHIS , all sales MUST be face to face. We CAN NOT ship collies! please read links below.



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